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Yesterday I received a call from a friend named Guy, who I haven’t spoken to since summer before last. Guy’s partner Donna, a delightful woman, passed away with Cancer on the 8th. When I first met this couple, they were living in their van in the parking lot of Guy’s employer (who let him stay parked there in exchange for providing evening security). While they had now moved into an apartment, they did not have any kind of insurance to cover funeral arrangements.


I found out today that Guy is trying to raise the money for Donna’s basic Cremation. I spoke to the funeral home, and the cost for the most basic services is $1,500. The woman at the funeral home told me that they have $80 collected so far, and a church has promised another $200. I can not imagine facing the loss of a loved one, along with the burden of a huge bill. Guy has made some calls to churches and organizations, but to them he is a stranger.


But then it hit me – Guy may not know that many people, but I do. I know hundreds of people. And if everyone could give just $10 (or more), we could raise that money quickly. (Don’t have $10? How about taking up $1 collections at work or church? It adds up quickly!)


You can give directly to the funeral home in person, by mail, or by phone with a debit/credit card number and they will provide you with a receipt. Or, if you do not need a receipt, you can send your donation to me and I will get it to the funeral home. As you can imagine, time is of the essence.


Donations in honor of Donna Rhodes can be made to:



Little Rock Funeral Home

8801 Knoedl Ct
PO Box 56647 (72215)
Little Rock, Arkansas   72205

(501) 224-2200


Or, if you want to send them to me to compile.


Thank you for considering helping.





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