Reach Out Update

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Reach Outan UPDATE

A huge “THANK YOU!!!” goes out to everyone who donated to Donna’s memorial fund!
The funeral home just called, and Donna’s account is now paid in full! If you mailed a check that hasn’t arrived yet, they will be sending it back. Please consider redirecting your donation to From His Throne Ministries, which is coordinating Donna’s memorial service (info on the service is above under “recent news”).

Kimberly Roth
A Memorial Service is being planned for Donna. In conjunction with Guy, the service is being coordinated by Joe, Melody and Laura Malat with From His Throne Ministries (the organization that holds church under the Arch Street bridge each Sunday). The service will be held this coming Sunday, Feb. 22nd, 2:30 pm, under or near the Arch Street Bridge (behind the Peabody Hotel). Everyone is invited to come celebrate Donna’s life!


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