Come and go with us, to the Buffalo

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It’s that time again, time for the annual Camping & Float Trip



here are all the details:




$11.00 – Camping Fee for 2 nights

  $6.00 – Shuttle Fee per person

$22.50/person – Canoe Fee (based on 2 per canoe)

  $6.00 – Fee for Saturday evening meal


+ 4.50 (10% sales tax)

$50.00 total cost per person based on 2 people per canoe. *


$30.00 per person is due immediately upon signing up, which must take place by Sunday, April 26th.


The remaining $20 is due by May 10th.


*If a person is going to be a third person in a canoe, then subtract the canoe fee but not the shuttle fee. If the person is not camping out but staying in a cabin, then subtract the camping fee. If the amount is adjusted, then refigure the sales tax at 10%.


For more information or for cabin rentals, contact Buffalo Camping & Canoeing at (870)439-2888 or



May 29-31

Contact Mark Hans, Tim Steppach or Greg Graham for more info OR send an email to


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