the heart of the matter, The Bed Project

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159Thanks to everyone who was able to come and meet with the Edwards and Lloyds and learn more about their story &  The Bed Project.

For those of you who were not able to make it, here is a little more info on what The Bed Project is about….

 The Bed Project strives to be a loving community.  We want to learn about love through the messy business of trying to love one another.  We intend to cross paths with and show love to the needy as a way of connecting with and channeling God’s exceptional love and mercy.  We desire to strengthen the stability and self-sufficiency of needy families by developing relationships with them, providing beds, and meeting other basic needs as appropriate.

The Bed Project strives to be a transformational community.  We want to learn to be the kind of people that can show exceptional love and mercy and speak words of life and light to families oppressed by poverty.

This week you can jump in with both hands, and help with the following project:

The Bed Project will be meeting at the Edwards’s house at 7:00 PM on Thursday night, June 18th (14404 Cecil Dr., west Little Rock; 868-4202)

On Thursday night, we will start building two sets of bunk beds for LuWuanna’s children.  LuWanna is a widow with three children.  Their family lives in poverty and recently lost most of their belongings in a house fire.  Those that do not want to use power tools will meet to strategize around the non-building parts of the Bed Project.  To pull this off, we need our multiple gifts and talents.  R Street can do this – How hard can it be?


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