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We are a community church, located in Little Rock, AR on the corner of R St. and University Ave.In the Mid-Town / Heights area, here are a few more details you might find helpful…picture3

Our Gathering Time

Sunday Mornings: 10:15 AM

For more info on other activities and meeting please visit our Community page.

Our Leadership

Serving together as Christ’s followers, we believe in team leadership and we strongly value input from all our members. Currently serving on our pastoral team are:

Mark Currey: Email

Greg Graham: Email

Jerusalem Greer: Email

Our Contact Info


Mailing Address:

R Street Community Church

1900 N. University Ave.

Little Rock, AR 72207

We welcome ALL and ANY who are looking for a community of grace and organic relationships to God through Jesus Christ, and organic relationships to each other. We are a “come as you are” kind of place. Because of this philosophy, we are not big on dress codes or rules about how conduct your worship.

Our Philosophy

Organic Christianity

We long for a purer form of Christianity, a more natural form of Christianity. Ultimately, we would like to be a part of something that we could believe is more like the church that Jesus founded.

Original Purpose

As the church, we must make it a top priority to be in the world, while not being of it. Our church is in the world every time one of us is doing what we do at our work, our school, our family, or our neighborhood unto Him. Therefore we don’t emphasize a lot of “church activity” at the expense of involvement with our families, friends, and acquaintances in the larger community.

Original Practices

We strive to live out and teach the practices that have truly passed the test of time in the church. At the heart of Christianity, and the heart of the Bible, is the practice of prayer

he practice of the gifts of the Spirit, as hearing God is another form of prayer – also called listening prayer. Prophecy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and healing are all ways that we listen to God and share what we have heard.

Though we are obviously “contemporary” in our worship style, we include other elements in our worship service that might normally be associated with more liturgical churches. Some of which are a greater appreciation for the sacraments, in particular Baptism and Communion

Original Posture

Our posture is the posture of a servant. We strive to practice the servant leadership that Jesus taught and demonstrated.

We refuse to use manipulation and control in leadership, but rather exercise grace-based ministry. We love because He first loved us. This is where true Community can happen – when the attitude is “come as you are, you’ll be loved”.

It is our goal to never see someone leave our church mad or even frustrated. We desire and strive to always bless people coming in AND going out.

Original Placement

On a larger scale, we also recognize that our local church is part of the church in the city of LR. We value cooperative relationships with other churches.

We recognize that there are many different streams of the church, and we value every stream.

Original Power

We recognize that our source of power is the same today as it was on the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago when the church was born. The same Holy Spirit who empowered Jesus for profound and world-altering ministry, who raised Jesus from the dead after three days, who birthed the church with equally dazzling.

And wait! There is more!

View our entire “About Us” HERE


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