As a church community we are in a new season of learning how we can welcome and serve each other and our community better.

Here are some of the community activities that are going on right now:


Street Kids stands for Serve, Teach, Reach, Encourage, Enjoy, Tend; These are the things we aspire to plant in our kids so that they may grow into kind, caring and wise adults. We want to serve, encourage and educate them about God’s great love and grace, so that they may serve and encourage others in their schools, in their homes, in their daily activities, an on their own unique life journey.


*Kids ages 0-4 are welcome to go to the nursery, located in the Middle Building. during any portion of our service.

*Children grades K-5th are dismissed to thei classes following the worship portion of our service. Their classes are also located in our Middle Building.

We welcome all children of any age in our service and enjoy worshiping

together with them.

1st Sunday Brown Bag Lunch

The first Sunday of each month, in the Common Hall.

Bring your own lunch or run out and grab something and come back to share a meal with our community.

Beyond Our Walls:

We support and are actively involved in the following:

Miss Beverly’s House

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive haven to women who are in transition toward more stability and independence. These women may be in recovery from a number of situations including domestic violence, alcoholism, or homelessness.

The Bed Project

We find kids who are cold and sleeping on the floor. We build them beds. We pay attention while we are doing it and try to see.

Missio Day

Missio Day happens the first Saturday of each month when families, friends and strangers join together in a hurting neighborhood to work for and celebrate the new creation.


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