the heart of the matter, The Bed Project

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159Thanks to everyone who was able to come and meet with the Edwards and Lloyds and learn more about their story &  The Bed Project.

For those of you who were not able to make it, here is a little more info on what The Bed Project is about….

 The Bed Project strives to be a loving community.  We want to learn about love through the messy business of trying to love one another.  We intend to cross paths with and show love to the needy as a way of connecting with and channeling God’s exceptional love and mercy.  We desire to strengthen the stability and self-sufficiency of needy families by developing relationships with them, providing beds, and meeting other basic needs as appropriate.

The Bed Project strives to be a transformational community.  We want to learn to be the kind of people that can show exceptional love and mercy and speak words of life and light to families oppressed by poverty.

This week you can jump in with both hands, and help with the following project:

The Bed Project will be meeting at the Edwards’s house at 7:00 PM on Thursday night, June 18th (14404 Cecil Dr., west Little Rock; 868-4202)

On Thursday night, we will start building two sets of bunk beds for LuWuanna’s children.  LuWanna is a widow with three children.  Their family lives in poverty and recently lost most of their belongings in a house fire.  Those that do not want to use power tools will meet to strategize around the non-building parts of the Bed Project.  To pull this off, we need our multiple gifts and talents.  R Street can do this – How hard can it be?


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The Bed Project


What is it??

This coming SundayMark Edwards will be sharing a bit about what exactly The Bed Project is and a family in our city who has a need that we as a community have an opportunity to meet.

After Sunday’s service, anyone who is interested in hearing more of the story behind The Bed Project and seeing how it all really works is invited to join the Edwards & Lloyds for an afternoon Cook-Out @ the Edwards home

directions will be available Sunday @ church or you can call 868 4202 for directions or email Linda at mce62856 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Upcoming Community Opportunities

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Don’t forget – we need volunteers next week on Friday, June 5th & Saturday June 6th to help us earn some money to spruce up our sacred space at the corner of R Street & University!

Friday evening – we need volunteers to move items downstairs and help with sorting & pricing.

Saturday morning – we need volunteers from 7-9am to continue sorting & set-up, as well as hang signs for the sale.  We need all hands on deck from 9am-2pm for the actual sell, and then some people to stay after & help clean up.


Starting next week, come explore new ways to reach out in our community!

Sweet Justice     

Second Baptist Church in Downtown Little Rock has invited those interested to join them for their Sweet Justice series which starts June 3rd. 

The topic presentation will take place from 5:45-6:45pm, followed by a dessert & advocacy time 6:45-7:15pm. 

For a complete list of topics & additional information, visit or the Sweet Justice facebook page.

Movies in the Park

Get out & meet someone new.  Join us for Movies in the Park this summer at the riverfront amphitheater.  We enjoyed our “Open Table” discussion group so much we thought we’d try an “Open Blanket”.

Starting June 3, We’ll meet at the park at 7:30pm and enjoy a snack picnic and getting to know each other and the other patrons in the park.  Maybe you’ll meet someone who works in your building… one of our homeless neighbors… a person who just moved to town… who knows?!  Bring a blanket, bring a snack to share, or just bring yourself.

Movies start at sundown (around 8:15pm).  For a complete list of movies visit or the Little Rock Movies in the Park facebook page.


Several of you have read Shane Claiborne’s Irresistible Revolution.  Some of you may have an interest in learning more about what New Monasticism is and how the principals could be applied in our community.

Ragan Sutterfield is hosting a discussion group on this topic.  There will be an introductory meeting tomorrow night (May 28th).  After this initial meeting, we will meet the last Thursday of every month to explore one of the 12 Marks of New Monasticism (

 If you are interested in participating in this discussion, please contact Kimberly Roth for more information.

Mid- May Updates

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Here are a few updates/reminders:

* The R Street Gal’s Art & Craft Night has been pushed till June due- new date TBA soon.

* The Rummage Sale has been re-scheduled for June 6th – please sign up to help by sending an email to Kim Roth.

* The Buffalo Trip is next weekend! For those not camping, Sunday’s Service on May 31st will be held in Gilbert Arkansas, on the Buffalo around 9:30 AM – everyone is invited to drive up for the service & to carpool to save gas! For more info email Greg Graham!


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Rummage Sale postponed till June. Stay tuned for more details soon!

Thanks to everyone who has helped thus far – keep bringing that junk!

Rumamge Sale, This Weekend

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The time has finally arrived! The long anticipated R Street Community Church Rummage Sale!!

And we need YOUR help!

How can you help?

1) Volunteer to Sort/Stack/Haul/Set-Up Friday Night

2) Volunteer to Sell/Help/Load Up Saturday Morning

3) Volunteer to help Pack Up/Clean Up/Haul Away Saturday Afternoon

4) Tell Everyone You Know to Come Shop  – Including You!!!!


If you would like more info on how you can get involved please send an email to Kim Roth at  ( arkychicky at yahoo dot com ) or to .


Brown Baggin’ It, Picnic Style

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 Join us for our monthly Brown Bag Lunch, this coming Sunday following the service.

Bring your lunch with you (you can store it in the kitchen in the Common Hall,) or run out grab a bite and bring it back to R Street for some family time around the table.

If the weather is pretty we may even pull  tables &  blankets out into the courtyard area for a picnic…

Hope to see you there!

Come and go with us, to the Buffalo

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It’s that time again, time for the annual Camping & Float Trip



here are all the details:




$11.00 – Camping Fee for 2 nights

  $6.00 – Shuttle Fee per person

$22.50/person – Canoe Fee (based on 2 per canoe)

  $6.00 – Fee for Saturday evening meal


+ 4.50 (10% sales tax)

$50.00 total cost per person based on 2 people per canoe. *


$30.00 per person is due immediately upon signing up, which must take place by Sunday, April 26th.


The remaining $20 is due by May 10th.


*If a person is going to be a third person in a canoe, then subtract the canoe fee but not the shuttle fee. If the person is not camping out but staying in a cabin, then subtract the camping fee. If the amount is adjusted, then refigure the sales tax at 10%.


For more information or for cabin rentals, contact Buffalo Camping & Canoeing at (870)439-2888 or



May 29-31

Contact Mark Hans, Tim Steppach or Greg Graham for more info OR send an email to

a family letter

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Some of you may know that Lora’s grandmother passed away on Tuesday night. Here is Lora’s letter to the R Street family.

The night before my Granny went in for surgery on her hip, my mom stayed with her in the hospital. It wasn’t their best sleepover, as you might imagine, and according to my mom, not a ton of sleep was had that night. I don’t know if it was the medications, the discomfort from her hip, her nerves, or a mixture of all three, but Granny woke up repeatedly in the night, scared and confused. My mom, in an amazing display of patience, answered her questions close to fifty times…”You are in the hospital. You have broken your hip, but you are going to be okay.” At one point, after receiving this reassurance, my Granny asked, “Who is praying for me?” My mom was able to list a long, very long, list of people who love her and have been faithful to cover her with their prayers. The better question might be who was not praying for her. It is in this spirit that I write to all of you my thanks. On behalf of my family, thank you so much for the prayers, the encouragement, and so many kind words. Thank you for sharing in our grief and our joy that someone we love a lot is now in a much more beautiful home than any of the ones I’ve seen down here in Levy. ; )

 Once again, I’m honored and humbled to be a part of your family, Christ’s body. You are truly reflecting him to me.

I love you all very much. Lora

p.s. Some of you have been asking for the details.

Here they are: visitation: Friday, April 17, 6-8pm at Griffin-Leggett Rest Hills in NLR funeral: Saturday, April 18, 2pm at Levy United Methodist Church in NLR

This Week @ R Street

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Wednesday Night: 6PM

OPEN TABLE continues

contact Mark Currey for more info: markcurrey (at) comcast (dot) net

Friday Night: 6:30PM

Free Financial University Preview

at Tim & Sarah Steppachs home

email tim_sarah (at) sbcglobal (dot) net  for more info


Friday Night, 7PM

Discipleship Group – Study of Romans

contact Mark or Jade Hans for more info DG)


 Saturday Night, 5PM


Kirk Kimball invites you to a free concert he’s putting on for his birthday.

Bring no gifts, but to “lend me your ears,” as I share my (mostly instrumental) music with you.  Snacks will be provided.

(Oh, yeah, and bring ear plugs if you don’t like it loud.J)

Date:  April 18

Time:  5:00PM till whenever (music starts at 5:30 )

Place:  R Street Church Common Hall


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